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Many drugs and medicines are valuable; however, as a society we may rely on drugs too much to help solve problems or for minor symptoms. 92, 93 (Peripheral Arteries) 3: intima media adventitia 94 brachial artery radial artery ulnar artery cf) (arterial arches) Femoral artery popliteal artery dorsalis pedis posterior tibial 96 (Vein) 3: intima media adventitia 97 (deep vein) 90, ex) (superficial vein). (small saphenous) : cf) (communicating) : 99 (capillary)., 100 raynauds disease, artery spasm, ), 101 buergers disease ( ( (, ) :, ca channel blocker : : deep venous thrombosis (DVT) Varicose veins. Legs Arms - size, symmetry venous pattern ( ) color :, edema legs size, symmetry venous pattern: varicose vein color :, edema using any drug to the point where health is adversely affected or the ability to function in society is impaired can be defined. Drug abuse refers to the person taking the drug being personally or socially impaired. A drug is being abused if the user cannot control taking it and it is being used continually to There are many dangers of continual drug use; it can lead to physical dependence, or addiction Addiction Addiction is a progressive, chronic, primary disease characterized. Both illegal and legal drugs can cause physical dependence.

(2, ) (2, erbs (3, (4, 5, ). 81 (diaphragm) (Bell), s1,. Pericardial friction rub (Bell), s3, S4, auscultation of Murmur : : S1 s 2 : S2 S1 : :, :, :, : :, grade: grade: grade :, flow (thrill) grade : grade : 86 Jugular vein Pressure(JVP) : (sternal angle).5cm : (Rt side heart. (jugular vein pulsation) :, : 2, peripheral Vascular system 91 Objectives.,. todays drugs are the result of advances in modern chemical and biological technologies, rather than the folk remedies of the past. Many substances are of enormous value in Other substances are used inappropriately and have guideposts become a problem in our society. The use of drugs has become commonplace in the. S., 2 billion prescription drugs are filled each year (an average of seven per person). Annual cost of prescription drugs is about 30 billion, and another 10 billion is spent on nonprescription over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. 100 million Americans use alcohol regularly, 53 bessen million smoke cigarettes, and many adults ingest caffeine daily.

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Treatment advances in therapy for superficial vein and perforator vein disease. a free powerPoint ppt presentation (displayed as a flash slide show) on m - id: 598f4-ZDc1Z. Varicose veins These are defined as tortuous dilated make veins. They affect 5 or more of the adult population of western countries. The gender prevalence was. Of Varicose veins : techniques and. Homogenously affect the varicose vein.

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Auscultation (cardiovescular system) heart CV(cardiovascular) system:, heart: size of fist, 60 to 100 beats per minute, ) cv system adjusts, 58 heart and Great Vessels heart: right or left side (two chambers each atrium, ventricle uses : : : (base) : (apex). 62 blood flow through chambers controlled by four valves (artrioventricular valve, av valves (tricuspid, right (mitral, left (Semilunar valves (right ventricle from pulmonary artery (left ventricle from aorta) 63 (Cardiac cycle) (Systole (AV) (Diastole) :, (AV) (Heart sound) S1 : Atrioventricle valve ( flow (MV). S3 S4 gallop 72 (chest pain : (, ), : (, ) :, (syncope), 75 (apical pulse if visible, 4th or 5th ics or inside the midclavicular line easier to see in children and thinner chest walls 76 : (point of maximal impulse, pmi) 5th. 5 ( C). 78 Used to outline hearts borders. Chest X-ray or echocardiogram is often used instead. 79 Auscultation (most Important) ( ) Auscultation (most Important) : Rt 2nd ics : Lt 2nd ics : Lt 4th ics : pmi 80 How to auscultate.

Mohamed el gharbawi e-mail : web Site :. By end you should know. Varicose veins, venous insufficiency venous ulceration. Varicose, powerPoint, presentation, ppt - docSlides-, veins. Incompetence of the venous valves. Superficial veins of the upper and lower. Download Presentation PowerPoint Slideshow about varicose veins - lorin An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. Most insurers require trial of compression therapy.

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Professional, Award-Winning team Gorgeous Graphics, winning Stories. Varicose vein ppt (thu. Nice presentation for immediate. Pre-op marking of varicose vein, as the cancer varicose vein disappear when pt lies down. SurgSoc osce revision Session.

Mudassar Aslam nisha devi. Auscultation: over a large group of veins may indicate a bruit. ndash; A free powerPoint. Ppt cider presentation (displayed as a flash slide show) on m - id: f2d76-ZDc1Z. Presentation, varicose, veins presentation ideas in docslide. Ppt ) of, varicose, veins - an informative powerpoint presentation on the causes and effects.

Slide 2: Thus looking assistance for your varicosities will best be complete in a vein treatment ct center as they are even medical institutions that mainly expert in the vein varicosities field. Searching a vein Specialist That Works with your Insurance It is a main step to having a perfect association with your provider. Doctors that expert in the veins treatments have members of their personnel which expert in working with the insurance service provider companies. Generally they can tell you honest what out of pocket costs what is perfectly covered by insurance company and what can be deemed cosmetic or elective as per on your condition. Varicose veins are the impact of an underlying situation and many vein treatment near me are perfectly covered if correctly billed. The health insurance nature indicates associations between practitioners and insurers change all the time.

Confirm you know the limits of your coverage under your insurance policy. Confirm that the doctor is concentrated on vein Treatment Patients are shocked to learn more about that some doctors treat veins as an addition to their full- time practice. Normally the find this out after the truth be practical and ask the doctor how many veins he is treating in a month. Treatment of spider or varicose vein is all-encompassing and it is not only limited to one specific procedure. You can find a professional doctor and solve the problem of your ugly veins. Tags, varicose, treatment, vein, presentation Statistics loading.

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They are also categorized into nonsurgical and surgical treatments as well as normal treatments. If talking about surgical treatment buy vein Specialist Doctor Called would comprise stripping of a part or the complete saphenous vein. This type of procedure is the most enveloping of all treatments related to varicose vein. In the meantime nonsurgical treatments such as vein treatment manhattan would comprise the use gezwel of laser technology and medicines or sclerosants in vein shrinking. Leg elevation reflexology butchers broom grape seed and leg elevation are few of the possible elements for natural Thread vein Removal Face treatments. A regular visit to highly regarded vein treatment conneticut centers will give you a wonderful understanding on how to treat and deal your veins. They normally have an expert phlebologist that will be able to answer all your queries as well help you with your treatment of varicose vein.

varicose vein ppt presentation

The presentation is successfully added, in your favorites. Presentation Description, no description available. Presentation Transcript slide 1: Where and How to genezing get Varicose vein Treatment Conditions of varicose veins are involving the enlargement and twisting of the veins. It has a constant improving rate mainly affecting women as evaluated to men. They are mainly related with genetics as well as factors of gender. Though the reasons can be many obesity menopausal and long time standing are just some of the many reasons of varicose veins. Even though they hardly develop into any type of problem they are normally painful and can source different type of discomfort. Therefore it is suggested to have the veins On Face Treatment when one experiences this type of condition. There are different types of vein treatment so one has different choices to select from.

: 2 : : : soft and. (whispered pectoriloquy, ).). (egophony - - - ). retraction (accessory ) (rapid, shallow, deep, slowly) (18/min) clubbing finger / lips-cyanosis jugular venous distension. mass neck midline position : -, : -, anterior Chest Examination. do not place your stethoscope directly over the female breast. 51 Summary: Thorax and lung exam. Palpation :, summary: Thorax and lung exam.

air moves from positive pressure to negative pressure. ( ) (inspiration) : : (expiration) :, : : : (Brainstem) (medulla) 22 Respiration 23 (diaphragm) (external intercostal). sternomastoid - scalenes ) - trapezius - abdominal rectus, :., ( ), -, :, : 1:2 * : barrel chest ) funnel chest pigeon chest * retraction : asthma, copd 26 Tri-pod Position: cyanosis? 27 : 1:1 30 Flail chest flail chest Paradoxical resp. (fracture of 3 or more ribs) 31 Clubbed finger ( chronic hypoxia bronchiectasis lung abscess pyothorax Primary lung fibrosis( ). Palpation., mass, 10th(T10) : : pneumonia :, :. (resonance) (hyperresonance) (tympany) (flatness), (dullness), 37 name : : (35cm) (expiration) : ;- (inspiration). (Radio, tv off).

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1 (elimination pattern), (, ) 3, 4, (, 7 - (activity and exercise pattern), ), ), ) ( ). 3m : :, (muscle tone). cva ) (rigidity) polio ) (flaccidity) 13 (muscle strength) (ROM) 14 (thorax milieu and lung) 15, (homeostasis) (- ). Airway (Upper airway) nose, mouth, nasopharynx oropharynx larynx (Lower airway) Trachea bronchus Bronchiole alveolus Trachea 10cm in length, 2cm in diameter : : T4. Lungs : 2 ) (Lobe) :, - : 3, ) : 2 ) (Lobe) :, -. Chest : 12 Thoracic spine (T1T12) 12 pairs of ribs 17 - true ribs 8,9,10 - false ribs 812) 11,12 - floating ribs sternum : manubrium of sternum body of sternum xiphoid process diaphragm. mid sternal line vertebral line scapular line mid clavicular ant. 20 : T4T5.

Varicose vein ppt presentation
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varicose vein ppt presentation
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PowerPoint Presentation - varicose veins presentation ideas in docslide. dvt is the formation of thrombus deep veins predominantly in the legs Also upper Limb paget Schrotter Syndrome ax v thrombosis may thurner. We think you have liked this presentation.

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  2. Register homeopaat volgens de ziekteclassificatie. Le patate sono un tubero commestibile ricco di carboidrati in forma di amidi. Lees hier alles over het behandeltraject. Tgv et alleen Parijs is vanuit Brussel rechtstreeks per trein bereikbaar, ook veel andere steden. Oorzaak en symptomen van reumatoïde artritis.

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  4. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Free ebook: Machiavelli's Laboratory "Ethics taught by an unethical scientist" 12,000 biomedical abbreviations this page is provided "as is without warranty of any. Update on : gynecology and Obstetric Dept noida. The class is part of a broader effort to shed scientific light on fathers roles in child and family well-being. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming.

  5. PowerPoint Presentation - varicose veins presentation ideas in docslide. dvt is the formation of thrombus deep veins predominantly in the legs Also upper Limb paget Schrotter Syndrome ax v thrombosis may thurner. We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

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